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MoonBots 2012 Winner Announcement


And the Winners for MoonBots 2012 Are............

Grand PRIZE - HungaroBots (Sopron, Hungary)

1st Runner Up - Incredibots (Columbus, Ohio)

2nd Runner Up -  Apollo 19 (Escondido, California)

 3rd Runner Up - Titanium Springboks (Pretoria, South Africa)

Congratulate all of the teams for their hard work throughout the competition. The Partners of the MoonBots Challenge really enjoyed all of the teams' enthusiasm and dedication.

We would also like to announce some Special Recognition Awards to the MoonBots 2012 finalist teams:

Anthem-A-tronics (Anthem, Arizona): The Young Space Explorers Award - This young team showed excellent research and presenting skills throughout the MoonBots season. Good work guys!

Atlantic MoonBots (Via do Porto, Portugal): Future Space Explorers Award - For wanting to find new worlds to explore and using the Moon as an inspiration.

Atomic Robot (Hyderabad, India):  Mathematician Award - For getting 100% scores on your robot missions and being the super braniacs of the competition. 

Brick Buddies Explorers (A Florida team registered in Austin, Texas): Brick Face Gracious Award- For the best looking LEGO name tag for a MoonBots team and being so gracious in supporting new local FLL teams.

Clockwork Mainia (McDonough, Georgia):Picasso Video Award - For using their artistic talents to show the world what should happen to the heritage artifacts on the Moon!

Cyborgs in Cresent (New Delhi, India): The Master of the Space Time Continuum Award - Goes to this team that rescheduled the webcast so many times due to the time zone difference that we thought they were on the dark side of the moon.

Dash2TheMoon (San Jose, CA): Moon Shack Invasion Award - For the invasion of the Moon in your garage. Sorry car!!!... You are second….we got kid genius here that need the space!

DragonBots (Santiago, Chiles): Maker Fair Award- For assembling a rocker bogie suspension and making the lunar high ridge out of laser cut out wood ribs at the Maker Fair.

Electro Llamas (Beachwood, New Jersey): Storm Chaser Award- For having a strong start in the season, but unfortunately got derailed by Hurricane Sandy.

Fish in the Boat (Lakeville, Minneapolis): FIRST Shoppers Award – For bringing the most numbers of robots into a shopping mall for a joint exhibition.

Gladiators (Shah Alam, Malaysia): The I’m So Excited Award - And they just can’t hide it. If we could harness this team’s enthusiasm and energy, we could solve the world’s energy crisis. Outstanding work all the way around.

Greatest Kall (Smyrna, Georgia):The Life of M.V.P Yummy…….P.I.E. Award - For truly understanding what this competition is all about from beginning to the end and having the cutest P.I.E. robot!

Iron Reign (Dallas, Texas): Intergalactic Bacon Award - Named after a 2010 team that experienced an epic failure on the day of the robot mission judging interview. This year’s award goes to a robot that self destructs on its return trip to base. Sorry guys… but a totally awesome try and for creating an awesome lunar landscape with ceiling lights.

Milkybots (Santiago, Chile): Google Translate Award- For having the most multi-language translations for their lunar landscape design. 

Model Scouts Robotics (Plano, Texas): The Thrive Award - For their effort to keep going no matter the personal obstacle. This team has surprised the judges for their completion of the lunar surface and the robot missions. Definitely deserve the ultimate Gold Star Robotics Merit Badge!

Moon Crafters (Hollis, New Hampshire): The Improvisation and Pet Friendly Award - For making a MoonBots lunar landscape with kitty litter and finding an alternate use of the lunar landscape. MEOW……….

Moon Riders (Coimbatore, India): Schoolhouse Rock Award - For educating hundreds of students about robotics and STEM education. Way to go girls! You really helped in our quest in educating kids around the world!

MoonBlazers (Sunnyvale, CA): The Piñata Solar Communicator Award - For using the best Paper Mache known to man. The solar-powered communication station is awesome, and your enthusiasm and happiness are infectious!

Nebulans (Alexandria, Egypt): Sunshine Science Fair Award and People’ Choice Video Award- For being the solar masters who shine through the day in their STEM science fair outreach, and having the most Facebook votes for their Phase 1 video.

Plan B Robotics (Irvine, California): Plan C Award – For a team that would have been benefited from developing a contingency plan to complete the challenge in time.

Robotic Alliance (Eldersburg, Maryland): The Experiential Learning Award - For pulling it all together and having a great time doing it! We loved that you visited NASA!

RTRM (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia): WRO Black Hole Award - For "Where did the Robot GO"? Hope you guys enjoyed WRO and being a part of MoonBots this year.

Smart Fox (Alexandria, Egypt): Rainbow of Color Award - For having the most colorful lunar landscape and being the biggest joy of the competition. You inspire us and brightened our hearts!

Team Starling (Ballwin, Missouri): Super Friends Award and MacGyver of Design Award - Yes.. that’s right! Two awards. You guys were the biggest cheerleaders and had the most complex LEGO Rube Goldberg landscape.  Your team is why MoonBots exists. Go Team Starling!

The Penguin Men (Seattle, Washington): The Sand Dunes Info Award - Yeeha… or rather…far out Dude!!!! We absolutely loved the sand and rock in the lunar landscape and your blogging throughout the MoonBots season was totally awesome!

X-Treme Team (Indio, California): The MTV Award - That’s MoonBots TV by the way. For the best special effect video that we just wanted to watch it over and over again! Maybe this should be nominated for an Oscar?


Great job everyone!!