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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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Clockwork Mania

Clockwork Mania
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Clockwork Mania is an FTC and FRC team based in Orlando, FL who is participating in Moonbots for the first time. Last year it was our rookie year in both FTC and FRC competitions. As the FTC team, we won the Think award at a qualifying tournament and went to the Florida State Championship. As the FRC team, we won the Rookie All-Star award at the Orlando Regional and went to the FIRST World Championship. Our team consists entirely of minority students with previous robotics experience. The five high school freshman students at Orlando Science Schools are Carlos, Sebastian, Camila, Edwin and Mashnun, mentored by Mrs. Barea. Camila is 14 years old and has been part of the FRC team for a year, where she is part of the mechanical sub-team and the only girl on the team. She loves reading and to be part of the robotics club at the school. Sebastian is 14 years old and had experience with FLL before joining our FTC and FRC teams. He is also part of the mechanical sub-team where he was in charge of building the drive train. He likes playing computer games and baseball, swimming and of course everything robotic related from building to programming to CAD. Carlos is 14 years old and he is our programming guy. He had one year experience in FLL before moving into FTC and FRC. He likes robotics, video games and science. Edwin is 13 years old and a first year robotics team member and part of the mechanical sub-team too. He likes using computers and playing basketball. Mashnun is 13 years old and is also a first year robotics team member and part of the mechanical sub-team. He enjoys longboarding, playing computer games and the piano, dancing and songwriting. His goal is to become an Aeronautical Engineer. As part of our involvement with FIRST our team dedicates many hours every year to community outreach and service, and to spreading FIRST by hosting events such as a yearly Lego League Tournament, a yearly robotics summer camp, mentoring new FLL and FTC teams, hosting workshop days for the new teams, teaching the Robotics Merit Badge to Boy Scout Troops, as well as volunteering in our school and with our sponsors to promote the FIRST program during events such as open houses and robotic demonstrations.

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