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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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Our team comes from a small town Sopron, Hungary. We are 16-17 years old, all of us are interested in IT, math and science so in the future we want to become engineers or programmers. We began learning in Széchenyi István Grammar School in 2008. In our school there is a course in robotics where students build and program robots from LEGO MINDSTORMS kits and have been the members of this group since two years. Our first project was Science on Stage where we won the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen and show our own ideas. In 2010 we started to work on our First LEGO League (FLL) robot. A year later we met Maarten Roos who recommended us the “Rosetta's Comet Touchdown” which is our greatest project yet. We followed our own ideas about how the lander should look like. The whole lander model is based on our own creative ideas, and all the sensors and probes are designed by us. We showed it on some places such as Workshop on Mars 2012 in Budapest at the MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) building, on the NYME (University of West Hungary) and ESOF 2012 in Dublin. ln the beginning of summer we heard about the MoonBots 2012 Challenge from a member of the GLXP Team Puli Space, Márton Deák and decided to join the competition to test ourselves and push our limits.

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First Lego League (FLL)
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Science on Stage (Budapest), Rosetta's Comet Touchdown, Workshop on Mars 2012 (Budapest), ESOF 2012
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Márton Deák
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What do you think should happen to the heritage artifacts already left on the Moon?

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