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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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Our team is located in Silicon Valley. We love robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Maxim has been involved in robotics for the past two years: first working with the Lego Mindstorm NXT kit, then as part of the FLL team "Falconidae," and now working on different robotics-related projects. Maxim likes robotics because it is fun and he enjoys the "real-life programming" involved. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

Rohan started software when he was six years old. Later his interest grew into electronics and got his Ham Radio license when he was nine. His interest in robotics allowed him to apply his knowledge of both software and hardware in a unique and fun way. In 2011 he participated in the FLL World tournament. Rohan wants to be in the field of research for betterment of humanity.

Sidharth is interested in robotics, aeronautics, martial arts, and swimming. He has been building robots using LEGO NXT and Arduino for about two years. His FLL 2011 team RoboRangers advanced to the World Open Invitational. He also enjoys building model aircraft and gliders. He likes designing, building, and programming just about anything as well.

The team has uploaded their Phase 2 proposal, click here to see it.

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