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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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Team Apollo 19

Team Apollo 19
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Team Apollo 19 is comprised of four 6th graders and one 8th grader who attend a charter school in Escondido, CA. Each of us has a fascination with science and technology, and this interest has inspired us to compete in the MoonBots 2012 Challenge. Brianna is the only team member with significant robotics experience. She competed in last year's FIRST LEGO League Food Factor Challenge. She also enjoys taekwondo, reading and running. Brian has been tinkering with a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot at home. He spends most of his free time reading or doing flip-flops in gymnastics. Hannah, Matthew and Christian have had limited exposure to robotics, but are always excited to see what a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot can do. Hannah likes playing with her dog Jackie, hitting her volleyball, building with LEGO bricks, and hanging out with her friends. Matthew is our graphics and video expert. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and creating LEGO stop-motion movies. Christian's outside interests include Boy Scouts, karate and baseball.

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