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Form a team, design a robot, solve the challenge, and be part of the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®!   

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X-Treme Team

X-Treme Team
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We are goofy, smart, playful, and we LOVE science. And LEGOs! We want to get as many kids as we can excited about science and technology  -- just like us!  We are X-Treme!

Cool Fact: We received US Congressional Certificates of Special Recognition for our outreach and inspiration in the community. So far we have impacted over 2,400 other students and raised over $8,000 to help form new robotics teams.

REALLY COOL FACT: Our ENTIRE set for our video submission is made out of LEGOs. With help from Travis and Calista we actually built an entire LEGO MoonBase, took pictures of each room, and then used green screen technology to shrink us to mini-fig size to use in our video. That's right...the virtual sets in our video are actual miniatures built out of LEGO! You can see pictures of the LEGO base it here. The only thing that isn't LEGO is the pyrex bowl used for the biodome.


X-Treme Team is comprised of four 6th grade students from the Coachella Valley (Mikie, Parker, Matthew, Harrison), located in the south west region of the Mojave Desert and one 7th grade refugee from the Colorado Springs fires (Jenna). You can find out all kids of information about our team here: Meet X-Treme Team.

Four of us are veteran FLL students with 3 years of FLL robotics experience. This year we won the Inspiration Award at both our Regional Championship and the FLL North American Open Championship. Jenna is a total robot rookie and never built a robot before in her LIFE!

Last year X-Treme Team won the "Future Contender Award" in the MoonBots 2.0 Challenge.


There are some sponsors that have been helping us along the way that we would like to give a shout out to:

SMaRT Education - for providing the facility and 501(c)(3) number needed to get donations for our team and projects

Connect a Million Minds, an intiative of Time Warner Cable, for dontating the money needed for the extra robotics components

SolidProfessor- for providing 6 seats in their online training so we can learn how to use SolidWorks

Best Buy - for donating a Rocketfish webcam so that we can do our Live Mission Webcast

Dynetics - for getting us a Contour Camera to mount on our Robot!

Suboken - for helping us to film everything and teaching us about storyboards, videography, and editing

and last but not least

The Rocket City Space Pioneers! Not only are they are favorite Google Lunar X Prize team, but they adopted us as Jr. members and Tim Pickens, Janet Felts, and Ricky Jordan all mentor our team...from over 2,000 miles away!

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